Over the River Update

Artist Christo’s Over the River Project has generated much interest and debate in and around Salida. Over a 20 year period, Christo has spend $11 million and countless hours on meetings and permit applications. This long drawn out process may be coming to an end. With most permits lined up, environmental impact studies completed, and the last few permits looking good, the prospects of Over the River completion are seeming positive.

Christo’s team estimates the attraction would float more than $111 million into the local economy. They said it will add $3.4 million to the already vibrant rafting industry, create 620 temporary regional jobs, and bring more than 415,000 tourists to the area.

Outside magazine has a good summary of the project status. Covering both the pros and cons of the project, without taking a side.
Over the River and Nearly Through the Woods

Christo’s Over the River Project